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Ruby diamonds

Naturally Occurring:

Rubies are gemstones that are widely known for their red color and shape. It is extremely durable and the most favourite choice for jewelleries. These are usually treated under high temperature to bring out their natural color and eliminate or slightly reduce the amount of milky particles in the stone.


Price $1,000,000
Price Details -
Is it Natural Yes
Availability Extremely rare
Refractive Index 1.762
Formula Mass. -

Interesting Facts

  • Its red color is due to the traces of chromium found in this precious gemstone.
  • The finest rubies were mined in Myanmar and the term "Burmese Ruby" originated there to later describe the finest available rubies.
  • Rubies are smooth and causes less friction so these are also used as bearings.
  • Since red color is connected with love and vibrant life, rubies are often associated with these themes
  • It is also believed that rubies change their color in danger. These gems therefore alert the wearer.